Mission Statement
To provide quality legal services to the Board of County Commissioners, Sarasota County Constitutional Officers, and County Administration in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.
The Office of the County Attorney represents the officials and employees of Sarasota County in all civil and legal matters relating to the discharge of their official duties.
The County Attorney, Deputy County Attorneys and Assistant County Attorneys:
  • defend all civil lawsuits brought against the county,
  • represent the county at administrative hearings,
  • draft and review ordinances and resolutions,
  • approve all contracts, bonds and written instruments for form and correctness and
  • render legal opinions upon request to the Board of County Commissioners, Constitutional Officers, County Administrator and core services/business centers.
In addition, the Deputy County Attorneys and Assistant County Attorneys, upon request, provide legal support to more than 100 county boards and advisory committees such as the Charter Review Board.
With its staff of highly-trained and experienced attorneys and skilled support staff, the office is committed to providing the highest quality legal services in the most efficient and productive manner possible. All systems and policies of the office have been developed to support this commitment.
The Office of County Attorney utilizes state-of-the-art office equipment and up-to-date technology. This technology enables the office to provide the professional work product expected by our county government in a timely manner while keeping costs at a minimum. The ability to scan thousands of documents, utilize optical character recognition software and bring them all together into one document management software package provides attorneys with immediate electronic access to all of their case documents for use during meetings, depositions, hearings, mediations and trials. Clients are kept informed on the status of their matters through regular reporting and prompt attention to phone or email inquiries.